Hello and welcome to my website.

I am first and foremost a teacher of photography, and have a 'day job' doing just this. It was not always thus; I have for a long time taught art and photography history and theory to a wide range of students, both in further and higher education. My degree is in Fine Art and I have an MA in The Social History of Art. I began shooting film probably before my teens but was taught formally at art college before my degree. Things got more serious on the degree, Nottingham Trent University had a fine, very accessible darkroom, of which I made liberal, largely autodidactic use. I hit the streets quite obsessively after my MA, with a chunky plastic Nikon and a slightly upgraded kit lens shooting street scenes on P mode. I took a lot of images of Birmingham, London and Paris.

In recent years my teaching has taken me back to the darkroom and I have been privileged to introduce a lot of art students to the pleasures of photography in its many forms. I have acquired a specialist knowledge in print production, both film based and digital; too many darkroom hours to count leading to a passionate appreciation of the photo as a 'thing' that you hold in your hand. It is my love of fine printing and a more general commitment to exploring photography as a subject that led me to begin this site. I would like to share some of my work with a wider audience and to make accessible some of my own engagement with my beloved medium. My role as educator gives both an educational slant, but in the end it is sharing a passion for photography that drives me.


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