Blog note

Some photography blogs are as autobiographical as they are directed to photography. I have deliberately played down the autobiographical on these pages, for better or worse. However, sometimes the work and the author come together whether one likes it or not.

I haven’t been very active on these pages of late, so if you are a regular reader who has been checking in for new material, I apologise. My teaching has been all-encompassing this term, and Richard Pickup Photography HQ has at last received some long-overdue attention in the form of some pretty hefty DIY. I must admit that even a weekly blog schedule can be challenging at times, life simply intervenes.

For the time being I intend to stick to my broad weekly schedule, although it is something that I may review in the not so distant future. In any event, I will let you know. As I have hinted at recently I have some new photography adventures planned, and so hope to pick up the quantity of posts soon.

Thank you for your patience.